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Don't just take our word for it. Instructors, class attendees, and others have a lot to say about Pet Tech™, and we're happy to share just a few of these comments with you.

Here's what some of our instructors have to say about the Pet Tech™ Instructor Training . . .

I'm Sheri Plocek and I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in this instructor training class. I am the owner of a doggy daycare in Monclova, Ohio and originally thought I was going to take this class so that I could train and certify my staff. What I have come to realize after Lisa's instruction is that I truly do have a passion for dogs and their safety and I actually was so wrapped up in the running of my business that I forgot I had it. This class has rekindled that passion and made me realize that sharing this knowledge by teaching others is where I want to be on my journey with dogs.

Master Instructor: Lisa Faust, Master Pet Tech™ Instructor #1459
Testimonial by: Sheri Plocek, Pet Tech™ Instructor #1816
Proprietor: Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare
Monclava, Ohio

I have been a member of the Pet Tech™ family since 1998. Thom Somes and the people of Pet Tech™ are focused on educating and developing the Pet First Aid and Safety Industry that makes them unique. I and my business have benefited greatly from the education and support Thom has given me over the years. I have risen from the beginnings of dog training to being selected trainer of the year 2005 by two international organizations. This stems from the public speaking and education tools and support Thom gave me many years ago."

Lisa Clifton-Bumpass, Pet Tech™ Instructor #1010
Certified Dog Behavior, Training and Education Specialist,
Hayward, CA

"I initially met Thom Somes, "The Pet Safety Guy" when I hired him to be a speaker at the 2006 IACP Annual Conference. He was a dynamic speaker and I was impressed enough with his presentation to host a PetSaver Instructor course at my facility. I'm glad I did. Becoming a Pet Tech™ Instructor has been a valuable addition to my business. Thom and the crew at Pet Tech™ did a wonderful job not only of educating me as a PetSaver™ Instructor but also in helping me further develop and market my program."

Janeen McMurtrie, Pet Tech™ Instructor #1221
Smart Dogs Training Center LLC
IACP Professional Member #1064
AKC CGC Evaluator #5896
Therapy Dogs Inc. Evaluator / Tester #9796
Red Wing, MN

"Becoming a certified Pet Tech™ Instructor lends credibility to any Pet Care Professional. People are more at ease about leaving their four-legged children when they entrust them to someone who is trained in how to appropriately respond in the event of a medical emergency. The Petsaver Program, presented by Pet Tech™ Inc., has given me peace of mind knowing that in any given situation I would be prepared should the need arise. I sent emails to about 100 of my clients after my training, describing the course and asking who might be interested. I now have 65 people waiting to take the course from me! I can't wait to get started!"

Sharon Hosea, Pet Tech™ Instructor #1218
Clear Lakes Pets & Pet First Aid
Houston, Texas

I've taken many pet first aid classes during my 13 years as a professional pet sitter but none has prepared me like the Pet Tech™ classes. I decided to take the instructor training because I felt it was important for my customers, other pet care professionals and other pet owners to learn these invaluable skills. After all...one day what I'm able to teach someone else may just save their pets life or the life of another pet. Becoming an instructor was a goal I had reached but even more important was the fact that Thom and Cindy have always been there to answer questions. Also, and I can't stress this enough was the priceless benefit of being able to attend other Petsaver classes to "help out" (at no cost). Recently I had the great pleasure of "helping out" a new instructor class. What I didn't realize is that this gave me even more of the tools, and the confidence to realize I really do know the program and can teach it! It's much different when you are becoming an instructor and are busy concentrating on all aspects of the training. However, when you are already an instructor and go thru the instructor training again you walk away learning even more. I urge all Pet Tech™ instructors to join Thom in a class "helping out" and definitely to do so during one of the Instructor training programs. You won't be sorry you did!!! Each time I teach a new class we all walk away with a great feeling knowing that we can make a difference in an animals life during an emergency situation. Even knowing the importance of good dental care and senior care can allow the pet parents to be proactive and help their pets live a long and healthy life!

Darlene Ehlers, PTI #1336
Pampered Pets Home Care
2006 Pet Sitter of the Year
Blue Jay, OH

I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation. I am so glad that I became a Pet-Tech instructor. I actually had to "save" my little Fysher last Friday. He received a very nasty stomach wound (bite) from a very large dog. It all happened very quickly. The big dog was in high prey drive and Fyshy just happened to be closest. Thanks to you (The Pet Safety Guy) and my Pet-Tech training it all worked out.... Fysher received some stitches and is healing well. I was able to do everything I needed to on the spot...(thank you). My first aid kit was well stocked with all the right stuff (thanks to your training) and we whisked him off to the vet. The first thing that I did after I (calmly) assessed him, was give him some Rescue Remedy to keep him from going into shock. The vet was very impressed (thank you again) and took a bunch of my business cards to hand out to her clients. :o) Really not sure how it all would have worked out if I hadn't taken your training! As it was, it was a very happy ending to what could have been a very bad situation.

Ann Milburn
PTI #1474
Peterborough Ont Canada

And here's what some of our class attendees have to say about our classes . . .

Wow, that was fun and informative. I had a great time. I wish it had been longer. Last night I was kicking myself for signing up for the class, cause I had to drive 45 minutes away, and it’s on a Sunday, and I’m tired, blah, blah, blah, but I got up and went and boy am I glad. I learned so much from it. I thought 8 hours was going to be tough to sit through, but it flew by. I really wish they had 2 classes. I also thought it was going to be just basic 1st aid Bologna, but no, they went over choking. Poisoning, burns, cold injuries, shock, etc, not to mention the parts on diet and nutrition, dental care and senior pet care. It was awesome. I learned a lot that I can take to the shop and really make my customers more informed about their own pets, as well as make me feel more confident in caring for them while they’re in my care. If you get a chance to take this class, I highly recommend it. Worth every penny.

Felicia- No Place Like Home Mobile Grooming - Waterbury, CT.

I attended the Pet Tech™ PetSaver Program which encompassed CPR and 1st Aid Training. I would say I would highly recommend the class to anyone, from groomer to pet owner. I took the Red Cross Class a couple of years ago and have to say I feel this one is much more comprehensive. There were so many more topics covered, in detail and the material given to us is excellent. There are so many little things you just don’t think about happening that can. It’s always good to be prepared.

Dot Roise-Lodsin , CVT Danbury, CT.

Greetings Mary,
I wanted to thank you for your excellent pet CPR and first aid presentation. You and Beth provided an information and protocol rich day that could only enhance my goal to be an excellent pet care provider. Thank you for caring enough about the critters to provide education that will save lives. Both paws up to you.

What people "in the know" about pets have to say about Pet Tech™ classes . . .

"This is a great program! I believe that every pet owner should take this class. The more they know about their pet's care the easier their veterinarian's job will be."

Dr. Peggy Fischer, DVM


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